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Your "likes " on social media

We spent number of hours in waiting to receive a “Like” for the post or a picture or a comment we have shared on social media. Just before we fall asleep, we tend to post something and we expect it to be seen and liked by someone or we won’t get good sleep. The things simply don’t end here as the subsequent worry would be number of Likes we have received.

We start believing that these numbers actually define us. This thought itself is suffocating. If not suffocate our mind then at least mess up for sure.

People start wondering if number of people did not liked means do I still have value.

Many of us start relying on social media “Likes” and “Views” to give meaning to our lives. We feel some kind of validation in them which boost our self esteem.

It’s quite natural, we get an emotional High when our post or picture or comment strike chord with our targeted audience and prompted to go after it. It’s never satisfying us because we always want more.

Once, I posted a brief article on social media, I received 40 likes. I was excited. I checked my page every few minutes throughout the day, probably 40 times or more, to see if I had missed any notifications, as if 40 likes were not enough. The reward encourages us to repeat the action but in the end it makes us craving for, more than before. Even if we receive triple digit likes, it won’t actually help.

It suggests, the people who suffer from low self esteem may continue to search for a feeling of worthiness online. It’s better to dwell less on the number of “Likes” or “Views”. Let decide to be liked in our own eyes rather than in others eyes. The real connect is with people who truly “Like” you as what you are and not just “Like” you….ONLINE..!!

Your "likes" and "Views"on soical media does not mean anything

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