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your coach should be able to make connection with you.

Your coach should be able to make connection with you.

As a coach, I have realized that we can’t coach everybody, and what makes the relationship work with our clients is largely depend upon the connection and rapport we are able to establish with our client. And you can sense a connection within a 30-minute of your discovery call with your client.

The connection should be grounded at both ends and should be able to generate respect and confidentiality of what have been discussed between the coach and the client.

The outcome of the connection thus established, should always be a relationship, and support for your client. During your coaching conversation, these elements are needed to be established, then you as a coach may say that you have found your “one.”

On the other hand, as a client, if you sense during your discovery session a real connection with your coach, leaving you with the feeling that this coach "gets" you, understands your situation and what you are going through, and ultimately able to make a difference for you, then that coach is a “keeper”.

As a client, be assured that this type of connection is gold and worth your investment.

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