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you as a brand...you inc.

Every company has a brand. That brand stands for something. It means something. Either in terms of Quality, in terms of performance, in terms of Service or in terms of Customer Experience.

A brand separates a Company from its competitors.

It differentiates.

Great salespeople know and recognize what Brand does for their company.

They represent their company’s brand.

They describe the story of what that brand means, what the company stands for, and how it is different.

They understand how to use this differentiation to turn things in their favor.

If a salesperson can’t differentiate their offering in a highly competitive marketplace, they cannot pull themselves out of the pack to get the attention of his prospects or clients.

If they can’t explain what makes their brand better than the other offerings, they cannot convince prospects that choosing them over their competitors will make a difference. Your prospects or clients choose a brand because they believe that what they will choose will make a positive difference for them.

The story does not end here as representing the company’s brand alone is no longer enough. In addition to your company’s brand, you must have your own brand.

Like your company, you have to stand for something. What you stand for has to be different than the many salespeople that call on your prospects and compete for their attention and their business. It has to mean something more than your counterpart offer.

Your brand has to necessarily stand for the ability to create a greater value proposition for your customers.

Your brand has to stand for doing what is right for the customer even when it is difficult or stressful for you as an individual.

If your brand doesn’t have a meaning, your company’s brand can’t mean anything either . . . you are your company, you are YOU Inc.

And sometimes, when all of the entries in the excel spreadsheet are entered, the only thing that separates the deal winner from the deal loser is what your brand has offered to your client.

Either it would be Trust you generated, or you have shown better vision or better outcome to your client or you have created better confidence level for your client for him to believe to attain better business results.

You have to be your own brand your own company YOU Inc.

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