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You are not a ceramic cup

When a ceramic cup drops to the floor it smashes into a number of pieces and can never be fully put together to become a cup once again. But when a rubber ball drops, it bounces back. If it drops with enough force, it bounces back higher than from where it had dropped. If you are a ceramic cup, you dread falling. You hang on carefully and play it safe. You are treated delicately by others and would never be handled roughly. People feel scared to rub with you. If you are like a rubber ball it’s your nature to cope up with dropping. In fact, people who are like rubber ball they thrive and bounce back for more. If you are like a rubber ball, you don’t need to be handled with care. You can deal with the most extreme of circumstances. Let us make a deal. Whenever you fall, remember that you are not a ceramic cup anymore, but you are a rubber ball. You will bounce back. The fall will not break you into pieces. You are more strong, tough and resilient than you previously thought.

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