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You are more than what you have become

We all are living the corporate or MNC dream the way it had been sold to us, having a high-powered career, a luxurious house, a nice car, a big office, air travel, 5-star accommodations, etc. In spite of having all, we feel miserable. We think we are successful, but we are not enough, not significant. Many of us spend a day at our desk, frustrated, worried, stressed out, de-motivated and what not. What choice do we have, if not like this? We have a family to support and monthly liabilities to pay. Our monthly bills are screaming louder than our dreams. Deeply impacted by the scene in the movie called “The Lion King”, where the cloud in the sky part and Mufasa’s spirit appears to his son, Simba. “Simba! Remember who you are. You are more than what you have become.” This line is applicable to the lives of many of us. We all knew we are more than what we had become. In the movie, Simba was forced to run away and for a short time, lived a carefree life with his friends. Like Simba, we all have to dig deeper to find our true purpose. But, we are afraid to make a change—to take a risk, to fail, to let our and family down and suffer in insufficiency. We are scared of losing what we had worked so hard to build over the years. We are afraid to shed our expensive mask...!!

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