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Workplace Emotions -Display and control..!!

Emotion does matter because people are not isolated “Emotional Islands.” In fact, they bring whole their personality to work, including their temperament, whims, moods and emotions.

Managing your emotions in the workplace is more important today than it was ever before because today’s workplace has become more challenging. We come across with work conditions dynamics more often and frequent due to re-organisations, mergers, internal transfers, individual job responsibilities changes etc.

Most of us are dealing with multi-tasking and multiple responsibilities with inadequate or almost no extra resources. Also, we have to work with diverse work force in terms of age, background, culture, experience, beliefs etc.

In such work environment conditions it is essentially important to understand our emotions, control our reactions and recognize how our emotional burst affect our actions and the actions of others around us. Because Employee’s mood, emotion and overall disposition has an impact on his job performance, his decision making ability, his creativity, his contribution towards his team output, his performance as team member and to his negotiation and leadership skills; if he is in a leadership role.

Emotions are as much a part of the workplace as the air we breathe. The consequences of emotional states in the workplace both behavioral and attitudinal, have substantial significance for individuals and the team he may belong to.

Positive emotions in the workplace help employees obtain favorable outcomes including extra ordinary achievement, job enrichment and higher quality social context. Negative emotions, such as fear, anger, stress, hostility, sadness and guilt however increase the predictability of workplace deviance.

Not only we need to learn to control our emotions, but also need to assess the emotions of those around us and effectively influence them to recover from those emotional bursts to bring back emotional and psychological equilibrium at the workplace.

Some kind of Toxicity in the workplace is a regular occurrence and it is an occupational hazard”, one must agree to that. That is why, the success of organization depends on those “handlers”, we call them Managers, whose interventions either relieve individual’s pain from toxicity or tranquilise it completely till that crucial moment get over.

If dealt effectively with psychological and emotional imbalance of employees at the workplace, their occupational stress and psychological well-being can be effectively managed.

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