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Why i become a coach

I became a coach because I thought I had certain things figured out in my life.

I have learned how to achieve goals, optimize my personal productivity, how to remain consistent with healthy habits and get rid of my limiting beliefs.

I thought my sharing of experience would be helpful to the people I interact with.

My learning would make a difference in the life of the people with whom I partner with.

In the beginning, I got a lot of weird looks and the occasional comments like what extraordinary have I achieved in my life to impact other's lives.

The truth is, most of your friends and ex-co-workers just don’t see you as a coach.

I convinced myself that it is totally okay because most people only know you in your previous role and it’s difficult for them to see you differently.

Also, when people you surround with seeing you take such big leaps in your life attacks their ego and makes them feel inadequate about themselves and in defense, they put you down.

It happens with all kinds of business or startup you start with, coaching should not be an exception.

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