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Who Needs a coach?

We all hope that we are growing, advancing, developing, getting better in our personal and Professional life. However, the reality is, we are busy and just able to keep up without deliberately creating time to process what is happening with us and can we learn anything from it?

It gives us an impression that we are busy in taking challenges of our promising career. And, one fine morning when we turn 40 we might find ourselves asking what the point of it all is anyway?

Are we really getting better ? Do we really have an idea what will make us better?

Trying to get better by ourselves works and there is a whole new theory called 'self-help.'

For most of us, it is easier if we have someone by us to support, to understand, to encourage, to challenge and hold us accountable for our actions.

Normally, we might find a friend to help us in such cases, but most people make more progress working with someone, more than a friend alone.

That’s a coach !!

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