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Who is your Editor?

Check out who is your EDITOR?

Whenever I ask my wife to go through my post, invariably I receive a couple of suggestions from her.

Either, for how I frame the sentence or the idea I have described or the thoughts I have expressed.

I always feel that I have done a perfect job of writing my post, might have read a couple of times and got convinced about what I have written, before pressing a PUBLISH tab.

After receiving her valuable tips, I realized that there are times we all need someone to help us out a little bit in re-checking or say editing whatever we do, from time to time.

In general, people do not like to receive constructive feedback or open-minded criticism, which would serve as a reference upon which one can do his personal development.

It’s time to ask yourselves, who’s your Editor?

Just find out who’s the person whom you accept and allow to have a close look over your work and can give frank feedback or criticism for improvement?

Find out who’s the person with whom you have developed such a strong relationship and you believe and you know well that they have your best interests in their heart when they give you feedback or criticism.

Find out who’s the person who sweetly confronts you when they noticed your intense outburst at someone else, which should not have been otherwise.

By all means, we all need an editor, and feel blessed if you have the one!

Similarly, it’s also important that you become an editor for someone to whom you feel you want to contribute positively to their life.

Everyone needs someone to tell them that they have spinach stuck between their teeth.

However, you can do so, if you have an established relationship with the person wherein your feedback or criticism will be credible and will be taken in the right perspective.

The most important fact is, if at all you are acting as an editor for someone, make sure that you are honest with your feedback and you encourage the opposite person to grow with your positivity about their efforts.

If someone comes to you with some criticism and if you feel their criticism is unfair, don’t over-react or get offended.

On the other hand, if you give feedback to someone and they over-react, don’t get perturbed. Just be kind enough and move on.

We all wish that we don’t need Editors but actually, we need them, they are necessary for our self- development.

Who is your Editor and whose work are you editing?

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