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When you are on cross road of ‘Should’ and ‘Must’…

There comes two paths in everyone’s life: Should and Must. We arrive at this crossroads more than once, and each time, we need to choose.

‘Should’ is how others want you to show up and present ourselves to the world — how we are supposed to think, how are we supposed to dress up, what we ought to say, what we should or shouldn’t do.

It’s the vast array of expectations and kind of formal regulation that others layer upon us and we are being measured and evaluated on that basis.

When we choose ‘Should’ the journey become bit easy and the risk is small.

‘Must’ is different than ‘Should’ —there are no options we have to choose from.

Must is who we are, how we are, what we think, what we believe, and how we do when we are alone with our authentic self.

It’s our instincts, our desires, our wanting, our cravings and longings, the things and places and ideas we live for and die for. It is for the intuition we vouch for, that erupts somewhere deep inside from us.

Must is something that happens when we stop conforming to other people’s expectations and start connecting with our own self.

Because when we choose ‘Must’, we are no longer looking for inspiration from outside and we rise much above the expectations and approvals from others. Instead, we are listening to our calling from within.

Must is why Van Gogh painted his entire life without ever receiving public recognition. Must is why Mozart performed, even as the critics called it ugly.

Choosing ‘Must’ often requires a leap of faith, a leap in to unknown.

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