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When failure is a known outcome

I was very much impressed with Brene Brown, who has shed great light on the feelings of shame and vulnerability. She wrote ‘if we choose to live a life of courage and vulnerability, we will fail. Not we may fail. We will fail.'

To me, this perspective is quite empowering.

I derive immense energy to fight back, to try and fail and try again until I overcome my failure.

It’s very interesting to understand that when we accept failure as a known outcome, as a certainty in a life we are presently living, we will learn to work with it and not around it.

Success and growth arise from curiosity and curiosity allow us to take risks; despite knowing the potential for failure.

We can unfold our greatest potential if and only when, we grant ourselves the freedom to fail.

It’s not necessary that every journey should end in amazing success. And if it happens, that's perfectly OK. Maybe then we will be better positioned to take on next great adventure knowing well, we are capable of dare to try.

Try and fail and try once again to rise above failure.

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