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What would you like me to know as a coach..

Are you on the sidelines wishing you were in the game?

Do you wish that you will be recall in main stream from a reserve or waiting on a bench?

Do you wish leading the life you want?

Coaching helps you get off the sidelines and leap into the life that YOU design, which will bring you things YOU want most.

(I have written in bold “you” because the coach doesn’t tell you what to do. Instead, the coach brings out your best ideas and decisions.)

As a coach, my purpose is to be your compass which help you to find your path to clarity, growth and joy–your own True North to provide you with inspiring, supportive and transformational opportunities through co-creative coaching methods.

As a Coach I will make you believe “ My Coach… My Compass”.

My promise to you, as my client—

· You will receive grounded, non-judgmental, authentic, confidential and open-minded coaching on topics you wish to explore including job/career, retirement, health and wellness goals and other life issues.

· Together, in a client and coach partnership, we will seek, find and usher in your new direction or resolution with grace and ease–and at an appropriate pace.

· You will experience a confidential and supportive space to create opportunities for fulfillment, empowerment and transformation.

What would you like me to know as a coach?

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