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What life coaching is and what life coaching is not!

People believe, the coach has to have expertise on the client's issues. The truth is, a coach is not expected to have all the answers and a Coach need not be an expert of the domain the client is referring to.

A coaching relationship is no doubt, a social relationship between a Coach and a Client that's built on the coach working with the client while the client is in a position to solve his or her own issues.

When a coach starts giving ready-made answers to a client instead of providing support, the whole equation between Coach and Client is changed. In such a situation, what is required is the Co-Creative relationship between Coach and Client.

In the co-creative relationship, there is no ‘expert figure' with all the answers but an equal responsibility between a Coach and a Client.

A coach helps the client to dig deeper for the answers what a client would not have thought before.

A coach provides the client with the support that includes accountability, new insight and a fresh perspective on the client’s issues.

In Coaching, especially in Life Coaching, the Co-Creative relationship between Coach and Client is highly preferred.

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