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What is your coaching philosophy?

Someone asked me a very interesting question, during my complimentary coaching session,

“Everything is oaky what you said to me. I guess I understood, if not everything but at least half of it. I am not sure what more I need to ask you, however I was told don’t’ forget to ask the coach - what is your coaching philosophy?”

One hand I was happy someone asked me about coaching philosophy, on the other hand was not sure how to put it in easy to understand form.

I tried:

The term philosophy in its broadest and popular sense, it refers to a coach's attitude toward life in general. This of course includes, his or her (the coach’s) ethics, principles, value system and his or her metaphysical poise. It is the way you see situations and experience them and the values you assign to them.

In my opinion, coaching is an interpersonal phenomenon. The interpersonal exchange is a function of the coach's value systems and beliefs.

As a coach, I bring my thoughts and ideas from each facets of my life and formulate my coaching philosophy and style that will assist my clients to achieve their developmental and learning goals.

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