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What coaches do differently

You can’t understand the importance of having a coach until you experience it by yourself.

That is why most coaches offer one to two hours of complimentary coaching session before you hire them. They know well that to make their client to invest in coaching they must experience the value because coaching is neither cheap nor indifferent or uninvolved process.

Getting coached by a renowned Coach can cost few hundreds or thousands of dollars for three to six months of duration, and not only the cost but it requires you as a client to show up and remain committed in a much bigger way than you probably have done before.

Further, a question may get raised in your mind how the things I want to improve in my life, they don’t get better by me but when I hire a coach, they do get better?

Its getter better with these ‘whys’:

1) Our Point of view-Perspective

Perspective is based on your life experiences and what you’ve been taught or conditioned from childhood. It’s your way of imagining how the world is.

The challenge we all face is, who we want to become is very different from what we have become now. And if that is the case, what we know would not be adequate to become what we wish to.

We need new thought process, new insights, new ideas, new mindset, new perspective.

Well, that’s what Coaches give you.

They see full potentiality and possibility for you and your life.

They are trained to remove your fixed bias system, remove old stories, remove staunch beliefs, remove conventional thinking process and open up our mind to new possibilities.

With the help of your coach, you begin to expand your vision and improve your perspective. It make you realise that what you thought as ‘right way’ may not be; there are ‘other ways’ of thinking or doing. This is required to bring about the necessary change in your actions. To change your behavior, change in perspective is required.

This is the first value addition of having a coach. Coaches challenge you and drive you to the point so that you can begin to see solutions and new ways of being that you never considered possible for you.

2) Right ‘Time’ to decide to have a coach

One of the reasons why people are not ready to hire a coach is that they believe that they can do it on their own.

They feel reading the books, listening to the podcasts, watching videos, taking online courses will get them all what coach would offer them. Yes, you will get them but the truth is, coach will offer you a in the form of coaching package which will be concise and will save your valuable time.

Time is our most valuable asset. It comes free of charge, but it doesn’t stop or wait for anyone.

Time is money- What you get is based on what you spend it on.

Spend time on growing yourself, you’ll grow.

Spend time on trying to figure things out on your own, and you’ll get it. Working with a coach, expedites growth. It helps you to get where you want to go faster because you have an expert whose primary focus is to pull you out from your old behavior, conventional thinking, unchallenged habits and firmly lead you toward your goals. So that’s the benefit you will get having a coach — progress without struggle.

3) I standby what I want -Accountability

Accountability is the biggest factor under consideration whether you’ll become who you want to be.

To bring about change is not easy. It requires trust, courage, and faith. To experience something new, you have to explore into the unknown. You believe you are working towards becoming awesome but you don’t know how sure because you have never been there before. But, you have to get going without quitting amidst various challenges of the unknown and unseen.

In such situations, Coach standby you, pursue you to get going without giving up, without quitting. Coach hold you accountable and remind you why you have come so far. Coach remind you about what is going to be at stake if you give up.

Coach will strengthen your determination, help you to overcome road blocks, re-installed confidence within you to go further, reckon your abilities and ignite a fire within you to continue your journey, dig deeper to find out what is holding you back, provide you with new insights and introduce yourself with the greatness you are holding within you.

A coach will empower you through reformed thought process and new you being.

Working with a coach helps you see Possibility. He creates a sense of Freedom. He hold space for your Expansion. He unveils your inner Courage. He help you to become what you want which you wouldn’t have of your own.

No doubt, Coach will push you out of your comfort zone and teach you to join the dots in unknown.

The real value of having a coach is helping you become who you want to be. It’s life’s magic brew for personal, professional and spiritual growth.

When you say yes to coach, you say yes to what you want to become and strive to become who you are meant to be.

Your Coach will be your Compass !!!

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