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Welcome to Aging!

It’s natural for all of us to become a concern for Aging. In my opinion, ‘Aging’ and ‘getting old’ are two different perspectives.

Most of us couldn’t believe it was happening to us, but it is indeed an important part in our growing understanding that we are becoming different than we were before, although still we what we are. We do have an eventual expiry date.

We must recognize – and start beginning to accept – that it’s a natural process, happens with everyone.

Let us get opened to newness, including the newness of the aging idea.

Most of us have a vast variety of experience and skills to offer and to share with people.

Let’s start doing. This concept of sharing experience is called as knowledge philanthropy. Teach, train, or coach people how to handle the ‘Aging’- “Age with a Grace”.

It’s not easy to Coach someone –‘Age with a grace’.

However, you can work upon a few key aspects like – Get rid of distractions, explore possibilities and opportunities, defy resistance, re-imagine your life, and make a new story of yours.

We will feel better if we start thinking ‘Age is an attitude and not a chronology’.

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