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We are doing absolutely fine !

The current pandemic is of greater magnitude and the whole world is going through a bigger traumatic situation. No one actually knows, what is the cure, what is the remedy to come out safe and alive. Millions of doctors and paramedics along with thousands of scientists are working day and night to save lives of the entire humankind. Hence, in my opinion, no living person qualifies enough to advise on how we should deal with this pandemic. It's an unknown, uncharted terrain that we all are trying to navigate through & learning our own ways to deal with the unprecedented impacts. We are putting our faith before our wisdom. We are putting God in the center of all activities. Let us be calm, composed and emotionally balanced. Let's not try to make a race out of this pandemic. Don’t plan to race and reach somewhere. Let's not try to force-fit ourselves into societal benchmarks that are created by people like us. Let's not beat ourselves in comparison with others and being looked inferior. Let's be mindful of the fact that we all are unique individuals & hence we have unique ways of responding to this collective traumatic experience. Let's be anchored in Gratitude. Let's grow in Compassion. Let's figure out and derive our own Happiness. Let's emerge wiser, by our own standards, for ourselves, for our family, for our friends, for our society, for our country & for the entire humanity. We need to bear in mind that we are going through a collective traumatic experience. Not everyone has the privilege to turn pandemic into something fun or productive. Staying healthy is equally important and if you are doing that you are productive by all means. Don’t be overwhelmed if we are not learning any new skill, it’s perfectly alright, we are doing absolutely fine!

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