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we allow People to plug in to our energy.

You can see and understand from your own personal experience, we have a tendency to be the electricity for other people, in our professional and personal life matters. We allow other people to plug into our energy, we become their source of light.

This can occur in many different ways in our day today life - perhaps you’re living a relationship which you know well, it’s not working for you, but you are still pulling on because your partner is very dependent on you. Or let us take an example of workplace, on your team, you have become the ‘Go-To’ person for everyone’s problems. This is because, you keep offering your attention and energy to others when they are in need.

You allowed people to plug into your electricity so they feel lighter and brighter leaving you drained and dim.

Even though it’s draining and a pain for you, it can be a great ego booster to become “Go-To” person for others.

You remain like an electricity for others for many years, unwillingly, knowing it’s not working well with you but you can’t help it. This is because you didn’t set clear boundaries in place.

Through my coaching, I help people to study emotional agility, wellness and working on their own boundaries and self-worth,

I help people to become stronger and more solid from within. I help them to focus and get connected to their own light through taking care of themselves and living a life that is in alignment with who they are and what they desire.

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