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They are Human first, Coach later.

The best life coaches are not perfect. They’re equally imperfect.

They’re flawed, distorted, erroneous, grappling, battling, reaching, and searching. Because they are human first, coach later.

Although being in their own authentic selves they know well from within, there will be times when they need to take a big dose of their own coaching wisdom, reach out for help or inspiration, battling with their own doubts, or hit that yoga mat or meditation chair, or journal with tears flowing and with a vulnerable heart to ask ‘where am I?’ or “how to move out from this?’ or “How can I love myself more than I did ever before?

If you wish to become a wonderful life coach, it simply means that at the core of your heart you strive to live your each day as your authentic self – with all your flaws, failings, distortion, errors, messy tears and unknown fears thrown in.

Nothing to misinterpret, Best Life Coaches are indeed wonderful people.

They have a passion for life, people, experiences and adventure to do something different. They’re readers, developers, believers, communicators and learners.

Over and above all, they are just human like us, they don’t have “all together- all the time”.

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