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There is something we can learn from ‘High Jumpers’.

I am equally fascinated with track event as much I am with outdoor games, and out of all of the Track events I am always impressed by an event ‘high jump’.

I think, there are some important principles to learn from this great event.

First and foremost you need to have a bar: It is but obvious, without the bar in the high jump, people jumping on a makes no sense.

In a same way, we need to have goals in our life. We have to set specific and measurable goals for yourself. Without them you have no real idea as how you are going, not really sure if you are improving or just struggling.

In short, setting a bar means setting a goal in your life.

Secondly, you need to set the bar high: I am sure none of us have ever heard an event called the low jump or the medium jump.

No one applaud or clap when someone sets the bar and fail to cross over.

The event is known as ‘high jump’, so the bar needs to set high.

In our context, if we were to set challenges for ourselves that were low or mediocre, it would be unimpressive and uninspiring.

If everyone can do it, then it’s not really impressive goal or target.

Also, if you have a goal that you can achieve in your first attempt, then it’s not ambitious enough. We need to go back and reassess our set goal.

Third point is, you need to set the bar yourself: Once you are qualified for the height set, the height that you aim for is decided by you.

For us, in real life the base-line of performance, enables us to become competent.

Greatness comes when we set our goals higher and have our own aims that are higher than the expectations set by others on us.

Setting bar for ourselves is extremely powering, enables us to feel proud about our achievements.

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Fourth point is you need to aim above the set bar: In the high jump event, the sportsman do not aim to hit the target or hit the bar. If you do, you lose.

We need to aim to jump over it, exceeding the height that was set.

Sometimes we can be tempted to just hit a specific number that we set for ourselves. We stop trying to exceed the target. We feel contented with it.

In real life when you set a target, plan to execute above what is required.

Fifth point is you need to train yourself: Sportsman don’t just turn up and start jumping over two meter plus height without a lot of practice, stretching, sports psychology and diet management.

The reality is that it takes a lot of hard work and persistence to become a great high jumper.

Anything easy is not worth considering. If you aspire for excellence, you need to be ready to put up lots of hard work and condition yourself well to execute your plan and achieve your set goal.

Setting ambitious goals means that you may not achieve it on the first attempt. Does not matter. Keep aspirations high and keep trying.

Last point is learn to celebrate your achievement: When a high jumper lands a successful jump, they invariably leap to their feet, acknowledge the crowd and celebrate their achievement.

If you achieve something great, make sure that you take the time to feel good about your performance, which will help you to build momentum towards your next goal.

These are few key principles to assist you in leaping to the next level in life in line with high jump sports event.

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