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Success is scary

Success is scary!

We hear many people saying this, but just couldn’t understand well, how success can be scary?

I realized unless you go through this experience you will not understand this.

In fact, our normal belief is we are afraid of failing but in reality, it’s a fear of succeeding.

If we recall our experience right from our childhood to the adult stage, failure is relatively common for all of us. We think it’s a part of our life. We don’t feel too much as we fail, and things get back to normal of its own.

Whether you take our experience from school exams or sports events or competitions we have been programmed or engineered to take failure as a predictable event. On the other hand, success is unpredictable.

It may sound unconvincing but if we think rationally, it’s happening like this for all of us.

Success means, asking for change. And as a normal human being, we fear change.

Hence, when we are thinking about succeeding in something, indirectly we are questioning ourselves – ‘What if what I get is not really what I wanted?’ or ‘Am I really deserve to succeed?’ or “What if someone judges me and make me feel isolated?’

Change is always uncomfortable. However, we all have some areas of our life that we want to upgrade. So, we need to overcome this fear to succeed.

We have two options: either experience the fear but still do it anyway or stay where you are.

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