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Storytelling is an Art !!

Storytelling is an Art. It’s not a process. It’s not a method. It’s not a technique.

You have never heard a phrase- ‘A process of storytelling.’ Or ‘Technique of storytelling’. It is always an ‘Art of Storytelling.’ As an ‘Art’- it requires vision, skill, creativity, and practice.

Storytelling is not something you can learn or acquire the skill in one sitting or one course. It is a trial and error process, ‘try again -err again’ kind of process till you master the skill.

A lot of work is involved as it is not an easy task. Telling a story and storytelling is altogether two different things.

Storytelling is a process of making use of facts and narrative to communicate your message the way you have intended to reach to your audience.

Sometimes you have to narrate a true or factual story and sometime you may have to narrate and improvised version to make it more interesting for your audience to convey the core message.

Storytelling is art from old times which we use now in modern times too because stories stimulate imaginations and passion and create a kind of community or connection between listeners and storytellers.

Storytelling, in other words, is like creating a painting with words that listeners can feel connected with.

Storytelling is widely used in marketing and it is used as an effective marketing tool.

The obvious advantages of storytelling are:

  • Stories help to make an abstract concept to a concrete object which can be easily visualized and felt by the audience.

  • When you narrate the story in a large auditorium, it connects listeners. It brings listeners together through the core message of a story.

  • Listeners can relate them with stories which in turn motivate and inspire actions and responses.

In today’s consumer world people don’t buy your product based upon ‘what’ you are selling but ‘why’ you are selling. Storytelling helps you to communicate that WHY more creatively and convincingly and create engagement of your customers with your product.

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