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Stories help shape our perspective of the world.

Stories help shape our perspective of the world. Everyone has his part of a story to tell. You have yours, I have mine too, and if we pay close attention to our stories, we will realize that our stories are collections of our experiences. It is your perspective that defines and shapes the meaning of your stories. Similarly, when you hear stories, you come to know that you share the same fundamental experiences that others also have, and still, your experiences differ from others because everyone has a different outlook and different perspectives. Stories enable us to explain everything in terms of our experiences from science to technologies, from friendships to relationships, from feelings to memories, from denial to affirmation, from joy to sorrow, from comfort to discomfort, and from questions to objections. And with every story we hear, read or listen, our mind makes cognitive and emotional connections and this connection, in turn, shapes our perspective of the world around us. The stories you tell, the character you describe, your narration shape your perception of the world, and your perception of the world shapes the stories you tell. Stories create a world around you and you make others tour your beautiful creation.

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