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Stop polishing trophies and medals

Trophies and medals are reminders of our past achievements.

Our yesteryear’s victories are engraved on it and these trophies sit proudly on the front row of our showcase, for us to show off and receive praise from the people.

Our yesteryear’s achievements are quite nostalgic and no doubt we are tempted to live there.

It’s quite natural for anyone to think and believe in those achievements as a pinnacle of achievements.

We place the trophies in the prominent place of the showcase, easily visible.

We polish them regularly and spend our time reflecting on our past glories.

It’s perfectly alright.

But, we don’t have to forget that those achievement moments were lived, clapped, admired, and rewarded appropriately during those days.

We need to get over our past glories.

We need to stop polishing our trophies and medals.

It’s time to take new challenges.

It’s time for new achievements.

It’s time to raise the bar for us to set new targets for achievement.

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