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You must have noticed a football coach sprinting along the sidelines with very strong body language screaming and yelling.

There’s no way the player can hear what he’s saying. They don’t even make an attempt to listen to what the coach is saying. They only understand, what they are doing is not okay. Coach expects them to do something different.

Once the player understands, they need to do something different, something extraordinary, the magic starts happening. The game starts changing.

That is because the shift is happening inside. It’s not the words or the advice coach is giving from sidelines, it’s his screaming and strong body language makes the shift inside the player.

That is the moment from where a player starts coaching himself. That is a transformation point where Coach coaching takes a pause, and the player’s self-coaching takes over.

In 90% of sports coaching it happens! Finding motivation from external sources turns to an internal source.

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