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Plans are Fluid

It’s true, not every plan works.

Loved ones leave us.

Our family members get sick.

Our Job gets lost.

A new hire proves to be a great misfit.

Our vacation plan flops.

Our book launch goes wrong.

Our post didn’t receive as many likes.

We lose a promotion.

Businesses suffer losses.

Relationships flounder.

We don’t become what we dreamt for.

We don’t get married to our choice.

Our kids don’t fulfill our dream.

Our goals don’t meet our plans.

So what should you do when life doesn’t go as per the plan?

Should you just give up?

Plans are fluids. They morph with the environment and your perseverance and attitude you exhibit.

Should you pout and feel sorry for yourself?

Should you just shrug your shoulders and protect yourself by not ever having aspirations again?

Or should you make a new plan?

Things don’t go as per plan is also a plan.

Set a new goal.

Set a new challenge.

There’s no guarantee that Plan B will work either, but let’s give it a go!

Accept and move on. Mistakes and situations going wrong are merely lessons to be learned, and nothing more.

When things don’t go as per plan, you get information. Use this information to create a new plan.

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