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Pick an ideal life coach for you!

Pick the life coach who is ideal for ‘You!’

Do not look for the highest rated or “best” coach.

There is nothing like coach-rating scale. There exist no comparison between one coach to another. A life coach can be the “best” coach for one person but not be the “best” coach for another person.

You need to focus on finding a life coach to suit your needs, your goals, your personality, and your situation.

Choose a life coach based purely on how you feel about the coach as an individual from your perspective.

Yes, taking recommendations of others are helpful in selection, but your ideal life coach has to be ideal for you alone.

Try to focus on developing the ideal coaching relationship.

The life coaching relationship is a true partnership between coach and the client and its success is dependent on how effective is the interaction between both parties. It’s also known as co-creative relationship.

Co-creative relationship is a kind of relationship where there exist no single authority with all possible answers. Instead, the relationship is of equal responsibility between the coach and the client.

The coach helps the client look deeper for the answers than they had thought possible.

An ideal coaching relationship, a true co-creative relationship is born when the level of mutual respect, trust and caring between you and your coach is strongly generated.

The better the relationship between you and your personal coach, the better the outcomes of your coaching process.

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