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People don't hire coaches impulsively

People don’t hire Coaches impulsively.

It’s not a product or service you are paying for, it’s an investment.

People just don’t drop by your website the first time and decide- ‘yes here is the coach I am looking for’ without exploring more.

People feel interested in coaches who resonate with them and who they think they like and would like to know them more closely.

It’s difficult to build up that kind of relationship from your website with a first time visitor.

You may have several pages on your site with blog posts, posts going back to 2010, or still older. It’s obvious to anyone who is visiting your website that you have been at this a long time and have relevant experience. This alone wouldn’t be enough, people would like to dig further in.

For new or newer coaches that isn’t usually the case.

The purpose of your website shouldn’t be to sell.

Through your website give people the option to contact and hire you, but your website should be largely focused on getting people on to your list.

Once you do that, you can then start to build a relationship with them by supplying a stream of high-quality content.

There is no point in knowing how to use your list if you don’t know how to build your list

Building a list isn’t easy, but if you can take the time to figure it out, then you’re in a great position to be successful because you have a group of people who to a certain extent much value what you do.

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