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One compelling reason holds you back.

One compelling reason which holds you back..!

Over the last few months, I’ve met and have offered to coach some people who are having big dreams and aspirations.

But each of them has said to me that they had a compelling reason ‘Not to’ pursue their dreams.

There can be a number of reasons:

v It’s not the right time to begin.

v I am not qualified enough.

v My family is my first priority.

v I guess I don’t have the right experience.

v I see a lot of risks inside.

v I don’t know what if it doesn’t work for me.

v I don’t want to face an embarrassing situation in front of all.

v I think I don’t have enough courage to jump into.

v I haven’t prepared my backup plan yet.

v I should have tried at an early age, not now.

v It’s good to have dreams but not all dreams come true.

Some of these reasons are expressed verbally and some are withheld within.

In fact, the last reason in the above list is powerful and has a way of over-whelming every other reason.

It will convince you that what you think is right.

These reasons can hold us back and become imaginary in their size and magnificence.

The bigger challenge for us is to take away their power.

To minimize their effect and compulsion.

It’s not that we have to ignore the compelling reasons outrightly, but we need to remember that these reasons are holding us back.

Remember, there are reasons that say why you can’t, and there are also reasons why you can.

Choose your focus.

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