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New habits are like new pair of shoes

When we buy a new pair of shoes for the first few days new shoes are a bit uncomfortable.

It pinches at some places, it gives blisters, it squeezes end fingers, etc…

They make you remind about the comfort of old shoes.

But you can’t switch back to old ones.

Those shoes are old, the leather has lost its shine at some places, stitches are peeled off at some places, few cracks developed on the bottom.

In short, you can’t go back to the old pair of shoes.

They don’t need anymore, have to be discarded.

Similarly, with habits too.

New habits are like those new pair of shoes.

No doubt, they’re uncomfortable in the beginning.

It will make you feel that you would like to go back to your old ways.

But you shouldn’t if you want to progress in life, move ahead in your career, to make a better version of yours.

Those old habits need to be left behind, they will not be helpful anymore on your way ahead.

It’s true, you’ll limp in the beginning. But you have to keep going and stick with it.

Slowly you will get used to it and you will become better with each passing day.

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