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My Coaching Philosophy

My Coaching Philosophy

My understanding of Coaching is from 3 fundamental Principles I have:

· Your own energy is responsible for your results.

· Your energy is made up of three elements: thoughts, actions and emotions.

· If you are able to align your energy with what you want, nothing will stop you from getting what you want.

It’s almost now more than thirty five years of my Professional career I have been practicing and living the above three principles and the same I try share through my coaching.

In my philosophy I believe,

· Make a choice of what you want.

· Focus and align your energies with your choice.

· Ready to receive what you chose.

However, the most difficult part is to choose what we want and next toughest thing is to align with what we want.

To combine these two to get the result what we want, old beliefs need to be challenged and new habits to be developed, few systematic steps to be followed in the process.

· Choose what you want

· Be Specific about what you want

· Remove Roadblocks

· Expand your possibilities

· Strengthen your focus on your energy level

· Involve to the fullness your desire

· Satisfy with end results.

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