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Money-back guarantee.

Last week, one gentleman called me up and was showing interest in Life coaching and expressed his willingness to take few sessions with me.

Until then, everything was fine and we exchange greetings mutually. Before, we could end our conversation, he just paused for a while and asked me “whether I offer money-back warranty?”

I also took a pause and replied him, “No, I don’t. But, I offer value Back guarantee.”

On client’s part the question was quite normal and nothing wrong in it.

But it made me think, has he ever heard from some Coaches that they offer money-back guarantee?

Something to ponder upon.

May be some coaches must be offering money-back guarantees to make it easier to close sales.

Their thinking would be that few people ever ask for their money back, so you'll have better chance to increase your coaching sales.

In my opinion, that approach makes sense if you're selling commodity products.

Coaching is something where you are pouring your heart and soul into a coach-client relationship that leads to extraordinary results for your coaching clients.

As I mentioned earlier, I call a Value-Back guarantee.

If a client isn't completely satisfied, they're encouraged to tell me and together we'll re-design a plan for them to get the value they invested for.

In this case, both coach and client win and this way.

Additionally, coach can request client to write few words on Coach website in Testimonials or in Feedback or referrals which would help coach to increase his sales rather than offering any other guarantee.

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