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Midlife Makeover (not Mid-life crisis)

Whenever we start talking about Mid-Life, people immediately jump to coin a word for it as a mid-life crisis.

But there is nothing like ‘crisis.’

Why aren’t we say ‘crisis’ as a ‘turning point’? Mid-Life is indeed a turning point. It’s a time when we can take a pause and think about how far we’ve come … and how far we still want to go.

It is a time for ‘transition.’

Everybody passes through transitions in life. Being confronted with ‘change’ often leaves people feeling discouraged, hopeless, stuck, confused, and frustrated—making it difficult for them to visualize the greater opportunities that may lie ahead.

Mid-Life can be an opportunity, a time to reflect, adjust our direction and move forward into the best of the rest of our life.

There is life after Mid-Life – but do you know how to make the best of it?

As it is said that it’s a ‘Turning Point’, it is a good time to think about ‘what’ next?

For a moving object to take a turn, it must first come to a stop.

We can use that ‘pause’ to reflect on us - where we are, decide to take a turn and then set off with renewed energy.

Decide is it time for the celebration of your achievements or is it time to plan for your next phase?

Think back to your 20-year-old self and reflect on:

· What were your dreams? Tune in to them.

· Are those dreams still alive, or you tick them off?

· Are they still hold good in the light of who you are and what you are now?

· Or your dreams are still dreams due to lack of attention?

Learn to welcome Mid-life transition and help yourself to navigate your life through a new role or new occupation.

I am your coach, your partner, your friend, your guide during this massive time of hard work and transition. Your expertise is YOU, YOU are responsible for knowing and understanding yourself. My expertise is asking powerful questions and change management. I will be your accountability partner during this intense time.

Together, we discover and define the mindsets, thoughts, and approaches that will bring you greater personal satisfaction and success.

I will assist you in becoming exceptionally self-aware of your core personality, values, beliefs, strengths and challenges, patterns of behavior and skill basket. Knowing where each of these qualities contributes to your effectiveness, and where new behaviors, skills or mindsets must emerge, I will align my coaching around this.

One important thing you must keep in mind that as a coach or as an individual I am not turning you into something which you are not.

When we work together, we probe deeper into who you are. My main task is helping you return to YOU, returning to yourself not a re-creation or re-invention. Pl. remember, we are not creating something altogether new, we’re coming back home.

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