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life coaching help people improve mind,body and soul

When coaching was a not known well, a decade and half ago, we were just knowing the term ‘Coach alone and was perfectly acceptable to be called as a coach.

With the time, the coaching profession is well developed across many industry front and professionals globally and Coach no longer remained as coach but the need for specialization in coaching has been felt. Coach wanted to be recognized themselves with some ‘Niche’ like Life Coach, Executive Coach, Wellness Coach, Career Coach etc.

The opportunity for niching is limitless however, Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Health and Wellness Coaching are the main categories of Coaching.

Let me talk briefly about Life Coaching.

Life coaches work with clients either in face to face meetings or via phone or online medium of coaching.

This means you can coach clients from all over the world. You can also be located anywhere in the world and take your Coaching business with you as you travel. You do not need any formal office and you are not tied down by any fixed work schedule.

Life coaching is an incredibly flexible and rewarding career depends how you market yourself to your prospective clients.

As a life coach you will have to work with people on their range of issues.

No matter what life coaching niche you choose you will most likely be working with clients on some of the following issues:

* seeking meaning & life purpose

* work-life balance issues

* stress & overwhelm

* transformation and new beginnings

* personal & professional challenges

Life coaching involves the coach and the client and the relationship between the two of them, giving all the power to the client. It is believed that one knows the answers to every single question or problem he or she may be facing in his or her life, though the answers may be hidden or concealed.

The aim of life coaching is to help people break their negative belief patterns, act more decisively, and set clear goals towards achieving what they want from life.

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