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Leadership is a Storytelling…!!

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

I recall Andy Raskin quote –“Leadership is the art of inspiring others to make a story come true.”

Therefore, if you’re leading people, you need to tell them a story- not the usual one ‘at the end all live happily together’ but a story in which you tell people ‘come with me to the promised land’.

This concept I learned from Andy Raskin, listening to him again and again and I almost imbibed this in my daily routine.

Through story, we have to build an emotional bridge between us and our team and that is why you have to have a strong character in your story to whom your teammates can relate themselves.

Why do we require a character?

Because, whether it’s in a TV serial or in a Movie, people get emotionally connected with some characters.

The emotional connection is due to two reasons: one they see them struggle and second they see them care for others in spite of being in adverse circumstances. This is what strikes an emotional chord in each of us.

By sharing relevant stories about some of the known personalities and how they have helped others with some pieces of evidence a Leader can easily lead with trust his/her teammates to the ‘Promised Land’ he is speaking about.

In all practical aspects ‘Leadership is storytelling and Leaders are storytellers.’

Storytelling is not like a fashion accessory whereupon Leaders can choose to wear or not. In fact, a lot goes into building a positive narrative and efforts in bringing people on a single platform and aligning them around you and not just with storytelling alone it happens.

However, as a Leader, if you really want to develop your skill of storytelling you must have answers to these questions.

  • Whose lives, primarily, you are going to bring-in change?

  • What are ‘They’ going to gain or lose if you succeed or fail?

  • To know exactly what is the stake involved.

  • What and how does it look like ‘The Promised Land’ you are talking about? It shouldn’t prove like Mirage to your people.

  • What are the challenges you will caution your people for reaching ‘The Promised Land?’

  • How are you going to convince and win the trust of the people to make your story come true?

In the end, by doing your sincere attempt, you may find your story might not be connecting as deeply as you have thought of or you would have liked to.

Don’t Give up, try one more time….if not all then at least a few lives you would be able to impact and bring-in desired change.

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