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It's a marathon, not a sprint.

The locked down situation and unknown and uncertain tenure of pandemic have intensified everyone’s intention and aspiration to go for a change.

Not only just a professional reflection, but this period has fostered philosophical reflections for many people. Specifically, reflecting upon the importance of life and your work and strike the balance between the two.

This pandemic has reshaped our mind and our thought process, especially the way we work.

I am not sure, without pandemic, work from home concept would have been accepted across the world.

We have learnt that we can be productive and effective while being not available in the office or while being physically apart.

So, why not apply to jobs in other region, other country, other continent? I mean we can become a free-lancer, and being a free-lancer become our career.

A crisis challenges us. It pushes us out of our comfort.

If you start reflecting and exploring your career options right now, you will soon become clearer on who you are, what makes you unique.

Whether you will do a small tweaks to your present job, change industry, change role or embark on a altogether new career… now is always the good time to start reflecting.

Consider it as a marathon, and not as a sprint.

So start, get set GO!

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