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Imagery training- Conditioning the mind.

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

What is that prominent factor between someone who takes firm action and someone who doesn’t?

 The answer is ‘certainty.’

What does it mean? If we are certain that we will get the result we want, and that result would be of great benefit to us, we will not hesitate to take any major action, however, if we are sure that no matter whatever we do, it just won’t work, we will not attempt to make any real moves.

Well, this can be a theory of two extreme conditions. Most of the time we find ourselves in that middle situation like ‘it may work or it may not work’. This is a most undesirable situation wherein we put half-hearted efforts with half commitment.

The key point here is to create an absolute certainty – to fill yourself with the belief that comes what you will accomplish what you set out to achieve. You have to imagine you have to visualize the result in your head-in your mind as if it has been already achieved before you set out to accomplish.

The best examples of this are athletes, especially the 100-meter runner. The distance, the time and the scope for margin of error- all are so small that athlete needs to be certain. He needs to visualize that he has already crossed the 100-meter distance in record time. Unless he doesn’t cross that distance in record time in his mind, he will not be able to cross in real.

This is the power of ‘Imagery Training’ – of visualizing the results over and over as if it had already happened. Athletes or critical sportspersons are being trained on that.

We all have beliefs that limit us.

Sometimes we let the status-quo dictate what we believe is possible.

Sometimes we allow our self-doubt takeover on our self-confidence.

Sometimes, some weird unconscious beliefs that hold us back from let it go.

Imagery training is a technique that lets us overcome these limitations. We can see ourselves achieving and succeeding. Because in the case of Imagery Training it is not just a mental exercise alone, it becomes a full-body experience that impacts us psychologically, emotionally and physically. That is what makes you a SATR performer.

We have to condition our mind again and again, over and over, so that we don’t have any doubt in our mind, to get the result we want.


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