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Ideal coaching client-just a dream or a reality?

When I was in coach training and learning program, our wonderful trainers gave us an assignment: Create a list of characteristics that fit your ideal client. In other words, who you think would be your ideal client?

At that time it sound so strange. How can you decide with whom you would like to work? That is just a pipe dream.

I sat down with a blank sheet of paper and began to write down who I wanted to knock at my coaching door.

The list of my ideal client characteristics that I chalked down during my certification program actually came out from my thought process who I felt I could best serve and where my people development experience could be effectively applied.

Once I prepared my list, I soon realized that the list wasn’t a dream list; it was the beginning of me becoming fine-tuned.

There a few other questions which would arise from the list.

Does the client fit within my coaching niche?

Do the client’s goals interest me?

Can I wholeheartedly and with my experienced authenticity support the client’s goals for his or her future?

Does the client’s future excite me and drive me with enthusiasm to help him or her to achieve the ultimate goal set by the client?

Do as a coach I enjoy interacting with the potential client? A coaching relationship should be synergistic.

What is my intuition telling me about the client?

Does my awareness send me signals of being uncomfortable or unsure?

Whether saying yes to the client when I’m uncomfortable upholding the competency of doing what is best for the client? At this stage, trust your instinct as a coach it will help you to make wise decisions on your part and the client’s part as well.

And finally does the client have the ability to pay coaching fees? If the client cannot pay your fees, are you comfortable with setting up an alternative payment plan?

So, at the end, whether ideal or not ideal, but I believe, my clients are wonderful people, who are already survivors, or who want to learn how to be, but need to reconstruct their stories. I am here to help them to do that.

Together, let’s tackle whatever life throws at you and then ‘we – you and me’, create from there!!!

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