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I would rather swing and miss rather not swing at all

At least your idea seems like a new or unique idea until you say it loudly in a meeting.

That means you have swung and missed!

It’s happened with me and with all of us, more than one occasion.

I am a fairly good player and follower of the game of cricket, and I hate when a batsman gets out without giving a swing at a ball.

Obviously, it is an embarrassing moment when you swing and miss, but it is worth it if we swing and we could connect a ball.

Similarly, not every idea you have would be the best one. But each time you present the idea, you get closer to make a workable idea.

If you never present your idea, you’ll never reach the workable stage.

If I recall a quote from the Bible. “There is nothing new under the sun.”

It’s true in every case.

Once you can accept the fact that coming up with brand new ideas isn't the thing that differentiates most businesses, your mind really becomes open to what's possible and what you can truly accomplish.

It also helps you clarify what your goal should be instead of trying to come up with the next big thing that's never been done.

So, take a swing, take a risk, take your chance.

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