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I don't know what 'hybrid coaching' is ...!!!

Many coaches nowadays use the term ‘Hybrid Coaching.’ On asking them what is Hybrid coaching they answer ‘blending of mentoring along with coaching’ is Hybrid Coaching.

I am not qualified enough to say right or wrong. However, as per ICF guidelines and definition of coaching, it does not include mentoring or advice-giving. Coaching is purely questioning or asking powerful Questions and getting answers from Coachees.

According to ICF “ Coaching is partnering with Client in a thought-provoking and a creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Coaches honor the client as a ‘Creative’, ‘resourceful’, and as a ‘whole’.

If mentoring is mixed with coaching, I feel it dilutes the ’value’ of Coaching. Because, when you mix mentoring and giving advice which in turn lead your Coachees to the decision which best suited to them and if that you call as ‘Coaching’ don’t surprise if people come to you for an easy way out, which defeats the coaching purpose. They look at you to be ‘guided’ or ‘told’ what to do. In simple words 'A problem fixer'.

It might help your Coachees, no doubt, but if they approach you as a Coach for 'Coaching’ and that’s what they need then with so-called ‘Hybrid Coaching’ your Coachee will miss the experience of Coaching which in turn would have facilitated them for long-term behavioral change.

Make sure your Coachees engage with you when they look for Coaching. As a Coachee, they must demonstrate a willingness to question their thoughts and not just seek affirmation from a coach for their views.

Coaching requires a willingness to explore ideas, beliefs, and assumptions. On the other hand, Coachees should welcome the chances of seeing what they are not able to see on their own.

As a Coach, you must step out of being ‘Expert’ or the ‘Fixer’ or ‘Helper’ or a ‘Guide’.

Don't be a problem solver or a problem fixer for your Coachees, that's not what Coaching is..!!!

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