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I can’t ask for what I want. I am afraid I may get rejected.

I remember how I started giving motivational speeches in my initial years of executive coaching.

To get the word spread about my coaching, I reached out to different organizations and pitched to them.

I did a number of cold calls, email campaigns, and at times even do a cold walk-in to check if I am lucky enough!

Initially, I kept the track of the number of organizations I contacted, but later I have stopped keeping record but roughly it would have been around 50.

Out of those, most never responded is a reality.

The ones I cold-called or cold-contacted, either randomly or through some references, have brushed me aside politely and told me to email them my coaching details.

“Email please” was synonymous with “Sorry, we don’t need it now.”

On an absolute honest admission, for every outreach attempt I have made, I faced more than 95% rejection, either in the form of no-response or an outright ‘NO’.

Despite what was happening as I described above, I never let these rejections stop me from doing my efforts.

I kept on reminding myself, in life, people face rejection all the time.

Rather than getting dejected from rejection, I encouraged myself to learn to handle it.

Rejection is just a process that lets you know that you’re nudging in the wrong direction you need to adjust your strategy and the direction.

If we shy away from trying or barging into open-door just because you don’t want to face rejection, you’ll only deprive yourself of possible opportunities.

I strongly believe that the universe wants to give you what you want, provided you are ready to grab even the half chance.

I have learned to embrace these beliefs instead:

· “Rejection is part and parcel of my life. Every ‘no’ will lead me closer to a ‘yes.'”

· “My best learning during this rejection time was “You need to ask in order to receive.”

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