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How to price your Coaching Services!

There are a hundreds of coaching fields, from Business Coach to Wellness coach. From Health Coach to Career Coach. From Life Coach to Executive Coach. The list will go on.

However, really there are only two types of coaches – One who makes living from coaching income and one who cannot.

As a new comer in coaching field, or as a beginner, you will be tempted to charge hourly basis for your coaching services. It’s quite natural, because you have to make living out of it. However, the world perceive it differently. If you are well known established coach, people will pay you per session basis.

But, as beginner, if you are trying to become full-time coach and want to grow, you need to develop a coaching package instead of one-off services.

While selecting a coaching package, try to understand that your client has a specific problem and with the help of your coaching services, your client is going to solve his problem.

In this situation, the number of hours or number of sessions are not going to be discussed. You are charging for a specific problem of your client.

Let me share how I thought of packaging my coaching services. According to me I have devised two kinds of coaching packages.

1. focused on one result or one outcome

2. focused on ongoing result

When positioning your coaching package, you must make it clear to your prospective client, if your content is results-focused or focused on ongoing-support system.

It depends upon how you want your coaching services would be known for.

If you are happy for getting pat on your back at the end of every session and you are happy in teaching the people, you should go for result focused coaching.

If you interested in building relationship and interested in knowing how someone’s business is shaping up and you want to become supportive to your client throughout, you should go for ongoing result focused coaching.

There is no clear cut separation or demarcation. You can offer both kinds.

You may start with result focus based coaching and once your client is done with that you can offer ongoing support.

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