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How to get coaching clients!

Last week I received a message from a life coach, wanted to have few words with me about coaching practice.

We initiated contact between us, first through a normal phone call and later through a video call. In a short time, we could get along with each other and were able to converse freely.

I conveyed to him through our conversation, ‘It is great to know that you are getting started as a life coach. Coaching can be rewarding career if done with proper planning.’

It will allow you an opportunity to grow financially as well as professionally.

But, there is an issue which everyone faces, ‘How to get clients?’

Like in the field of sports, people look for coach to perform well and do better, same is the case with other areas of life. People want to do better, people want to excel in their field.

You need to identify such people. Find out, how you can locate them? Where such people hang out regularly?

But the most important question is ‘How?’

It’s sad to know, often people start life coaching business without a clue about how it can be set up.

The things get worse when you are not able to find any clients. You will get disappointed. Some will give up, some will survive through.

You may design your website nicely, with good contents but that is just not enough if you cannot drive traffic to it.

Whatever marketing efforts you do, it must reach to your prospect buyers.

I feel personally, over 70% new coaches feel overwhelmed, because they are being told to do 100 different things, and they really don’t know what will work.

Unless people know about you being there, you will lose all probable opportunities that would have there, for you. What you need to do so that you standout in a crowded place.

You need to find out what would work best for me so that I become visible to my prospective clients.

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