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How career coaching can help

College students face many important and life-altering questions during their final year.

· What major should I choose for my PG study?

· How smooth will be my landing in the job after graduation?

· Should I apply to post-graduate school?

These decisions can weigh heavily on students as well as their parents who try to help them and navigate through.

As a parent, you try to ensure that your child makes the right choice during these critical times.

Here are three aspects in which career coaching would be beneficial for your kids.

They are unsure about what major or specialization they must choose:

Choosing one major or specialization is a challenge, especially when over thousands of academic program options are available.

When trying to determine a career, the most important thing for your child is to identify their talents and abilities — and be able to articulate them.

With the help of that knowledge, the next step is to identify the career that will best allow your student to utilize those talents and abilities.

Most young adults (including their parents) don’t have enough knowledge to identify their talents and abilities on their own, and they’re not familiar with the vast career choices available to them.

Working with a certified career coach will allow your child to gain greater self-awareness of their talents, interests, values, and passions in order to identify their best career fit.

They are not yet ready to enter into work environment:

No matter what grades your child earned in college or how many internships he had or how many mock interview session he had attended, college career coaching, in general, cannot prepare him enough for interviews and makes him stand out from the competition.

A coach can help your child become much more aware of his verbal and nonverbal communication and provide guidance on how to respond more impressively to interview questions.

A great coach can help your child not only optimize his online profiles and develop his elevator speech. Also, go deeper to help him better manage his thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives — these shape the core of his personal brand.

They have questions about Post-graduate school:

Post-Graduate study is such a significant commitment of both time and money, it’s important to understand how earning a post-graduate degree will influence future prospects.

Some students assume that they must earn a post-graduate degree in order to have an initial boost to their career.

Career coaching can help your child to determine if the post-graduate school is the best option for them and also to figure out which graduate schools best fit their career goals.

When your child is facing life-changing academic choices and/or career decisions, a career coach can provide the necessary guidance, support, and insight to make the best possible choices.

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