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'Hope'- The essence of our Life

Hope is the essence of our life. Many of us would not even dream to live a life without having hope deep inside the heart.

Life is quite unpredictable, hard and quite ruthless at times. Things go beyond our control time and again. It is the Hope helps us keep the fight on and improves our chances to win our tiny life battles.

Hope – the essence of life keeps our eyes wide open and install a kind of unshaking faith within us to see a better tomorrow for us. In fact it’s hard keeping up with the inner faith during the most critical times, but, those who never leave hope, actually make it till the end.

No doubt life is an unbeaten solid war zone. But it’s not too bad as what we imagine. We need to keep our eyes filled with dreams.

Hope is a kind of healing which not only give us the strength to overcome a pain, but it also makes our journey easier.

Let’s not worry if there is a bad patch we are undergoing. Hope tells us that tomorrow will bring much better and happier moments for us.

Hope is ‘optimism.’

When we are hopeful for anything, we are thinking that sorrow and difficulty of today’s will soon end. Hope keeps us stay alive and think positive.

Our mind has lots of effects on our actions. If our mind tells us to stay strong on a path and not to lose courage, we will do so.

So, hope gives a positive mind power. It generates an aura around us which protects us from the negatives.

That is why, hope will always be the essence of our life.

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