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Happiness- let it be an in-house job!

Are you happy?

Simple questions, often seal the lips for a moment.

Do you depend upon others for your happiness?

Are you able to experience true joy in whatever you do or whoever you are without other’s approval or acknowledgment?

Nowadays we are very much familiar with the word ‘Outsourcing’.

So, do you outsource your happiness or do you still keep the job in-house?

When you do a great job, do you feel good naturally or you wait for someone to acknowledge and appreciate your work?

When you look in the mirror, do you praise and feel proud of yourself or you get conscious about what others will think?

Are you satisfied with your capabilities or do you feel inadequate comparing yourself to others?

You normally don’t wish to discuss your hobbies and your interests thinking that others may laugh at it or make fun of you. Yes or no?

Do you feel positive about your own life because of your own optimism or you wait for others to convince you that life is beautiful?

When you are in your moments of joy, do you give away power to others to take away your joy?

You sleep at night thinking about the compliments or criticisms that you have received during the day?

Please don’t outsource your happiness.

Keep that job in-house!

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