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Give the coach a test drive !!

Most coaches offer a complimentary session. During the consultation, try to get a feel for the Coach’s style.

Some coaches have a style to push you and hold you accountable for your actions, they have everything planned and scheduled and they go according to the schedule chalked out. While others may prefer to allow you to gain ground according to your own time frame and proceed with sessions where you always feel engaged and involved.

It’s very important to know what your intuition tell you about the coach.

Do you feel there is a good fit between the coach and you?

Did you feel at ease during the session and gained enough faith to share with him the information about your background?

Did you feel you were heard patiently and you had enough chance to present your case? I mean did the coach ‘get’ you who you are?

Did you sense that your coach was curious and have asked questions showing interest in your case?

If you nod your head in affirmation for majority of above, it means you are on right track to get your coach.

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