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Get those ideas out of your head.

That book you read, the effect is hanging around your mind for a week.

That movie you watched is still getting replayed in your mind

That song that’s been buzzing around in your head since last week.

That business idea that you’ve been mulling over for the last few months, but couldn’t focus on to yet.

That matter that you’ve been thinking to share with your kids, but haven’t shared.

Those suggestions that you’ve always wanted to share with your boss at work, but you couldn’t do yet.

That travel plan you have been making since the last couple of years, couldn’t put in to practice yet.

That small piece of creativity that may just require a little bit refinement for you to become an amazing artist.

Get those ideas out of your head and put them on a piece of paper.

Allow it to take shape

See if they work. Does not matter if they don’t.

At least put them into action. Make an attempt to turn them into reality.

Grab the chance to change the world.

Be the change to change the world for better!

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