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Employee first day - make it memorable

For most companies, their new hire’s first day on the job is no different day than any other work day. Besides, completing new arrival formalities and seeing new faces around in the department etc.. employers don’t see anything special for new employee’s first day.

On the other hand, some companies think and feel as well, it is the first point of contact of their new employee with company’s brand image, policies and values. They don’t wish their new employee perceive something different than what the company stand for.

So, some companies go for new employee arrival welcome package. There may not be anything great as a welcome package however it will not only serve as an icebreaker but also give a feeling to employee that he is valued.

The welcome package can be a small daily stationery beautifully packed with a personal note stick on it or it can be in the form of gesture or a treatment like...having a security guard escorting him to the reception, or by offering a cup of coffee by receptionist during his brief wait at the reception, or his work place fully set up on his arrival, or welcoming with a round of applause by team members, or a senior executive or immediate Boss himself offer a tour around workplace. Not a big deal in it.

No matter how you choose to welcome and engage your new employee in his first moment with your organisation, make sure that his first moment with your organization creates a long lasting impression - a pleasant memory in his mind and feel good in his heart.

To illustrate, what an organisation should and shouldn't do, check the outlined two possible first-day scenarios, in general happen.

Scenario 1: Most first days at a new job look like:

1. Employee shows up at the main gate and the security staff is not informed in advance about his arrival.

2. After a considerable wait at the gate, he is escorted to main reception area wherein an additional wait till concern person takes his charge.

3. HR person turns up and handover few forms to be filled in as a part of formalities.

4. HR escorts him to concern department and as usual manager is in meeting. So, he has been handed over to either juniors or interns who themselves may or may not be aware about his joining.

5. After initial intro, he will be given few books or manuals to refer till the Boss is back from the meeting.

6. Boss comes back from meeting but has no time to talk with new employee due to his busy schedule.

7. Other Colleagues left for lunch, no one shows a simple courtesy...new employee goes for lunch by himself.

8. After lunch, new employee still read books or manuals, still not knowing, if the desk on which he is sitting is his or is a stop gap arrangement.

9. All colleagues leave by 5 pm, new employee still stays back in confusion if he can leave or not.

10. Employee leaves for Home finally with the emptiness of office and his mind.

11. On reaching home, suddenly a question collide his ears “How was a day?” Let the regrets, thoughts about changing the job and the anger at being essentially ignored spew.

Scenario 2: The ideal first day on the job should look like:

1. New employee has been informed the reporting time which is actually 30 minutes after the regular office staff arrived and settled in the office so that he can be well received.

2. All other departmental colleagues are also well informed who is joining and about his new role in a department.

3. Immediate Boss or Manager has also fixed up his other meetings later in the day.

4. Security staff is also well informed, he has been well received and led to reception without any delay.

5. At the reception he is greeted well and offered a seat. Within a minute or two a cup of coffee arrives.

6. Employee is brought to his concern department to his new working desk that is fully set up with all the supplies he may need during his work. His desk also carries his name tag, just next to phone instrument.

7. New employee is being told to keep his stuff near his desk and to reach meeting room in 10 minutes time where the Boss will be meeting him along with department staff for a casual chat and get to know each other.

8. Boss shares company history, company’ vision, company’s short term and long term goals, the struggles and the successes story that got this company to the present position and explains how the new employee is now part of this successful company and how he can contribute towards company’s future goals.

9. Boss takes employee around and introduces him with other concern people and give brief intro about their titles and responsibilities.

10. Boss and other colleagues accompany new employee to lunch.

11. After lunch, HR executive interact with new employee and complete other joining formalities.

12. Employee is asked to meet colleagues on one to one basis to understand the work and systems of the department including his role in the present working system.

13. As 5 p.m. approaches the Boss hands over new employee a small beautifully wrapped gift and says, “This gift isn’t for you. It’s for the person closest to you who helped you to make the decision to join us.”

The gift includes a handwritten card (written by Boss himself) that says, “We understand that few big decisions of life and career are made alone however, we thank you for being instrumental in this decision. Thank you.”

Now when the employee gets back home and being asked, “How was your day?” they will listen to the story about how he is fallen eternally in love with the company, in a single day.

Are we not looking for employees who fall in love with our company, in a single day? Yes, we do… but to make it happen....we need to work towards making new employee’s first day the Perfect First Day…!!

(Inspired from an article by Mike Michalowicz)

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