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Don't just stare, open the door.

Don’t just stare, try to open the door.

When you are in front of the opportunity door, don’t just stare and wait for it to open.

Go for it and knock. Not just once twice, thrice, yet one more time…. knock.

If not open, look for the doorbell and ring the doorbell.

If not open, try the doorknob. Shake it, rotate it. Try to open the door.

Try it again. Try it harder.

If not open, bang on the door with your fists. Shake it strongly.

Try to force it open.

See if you can get through the lock.

If no-one responds from behind the door or you can’t open the door, don’t waste time, move on to the next door.

And even if not this, move on to the next.

And if every door in the corridor you can’t open, move on to the next corridor.

Staring at a door won’t help anyway!

If you keep knocking, pushing, fisting and trying, eventually you will able to open the door.

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